How long do magic mushrooms last
How long do magic mushrooms last

How long do magic mushrooms last

One of the vital pieces of information that must be in your mind as you plan your psychedelic journey. You need to plan and prepare beforehand, it will enhance your overall experience. Knowing how long it will take will enable you to schedule your trip properly.

Taking shrooms in whatever dose you require to enjoy a thrilling experience is not something you want to embark on haphazardly throughout the day. A whole day should be dedicate to processing the trip and enjoy your day while tripping on shrooms. The goal is to give yourself enough time out to enjoy your experience.

Shroom trips are not the only experience to look forward to, it come up with a swift burst of other residual effects. The effects may include a fit of psychological symptoms, improved focus, creativity, and cognitive capability. These may even last beyond hours and spread from days to weeks.

The factors that can affect the duration of your shroom trip are abundant and the length of the trip is just one piece of the puzzle that must be considered. Keep a clear illustration of what the scope should be as you map out your experience.

Length of shroom trips

Several factors can be attributed to increasing the duration of your trip. The amount or dose and also the type of shrooms you ingest can be pivotal in determining how long a shroom trip lasts. The regular or standard dose of shrooms which is between 1-3 grams can cause the trip to kick in after about an hour and it may persist for up to 4-6 hours.

The manner of consumption of shrooms can also influence the onset of the trip. The use of lemon or shroom tea can cause the trip to kick in much earlier. How? The mixture helps your digestive tract to easily convert and absorb the active form of psilocybin. Experienced shroom users have reported that the use of shrooms led to a rather intense but shorter shroom trip than when the shroom is consumed dried. The advantage of these methods of taking shrooms is tied to the fact that it helps the body cope with the difficulty of consuming the raw body of the mushroom.

It means that rather than enduring the time it takes for the stomach to break down the cells to gradually release psilocin and psilocybin, it has direct access to the psychoactive substance instead. It ultimately decreases the period it takes for all the active compounds to be absorb. Thus, it makes a lot of sense that the resultant trip would probably be much shorter and intense.

Lemon tekking works because it actively converts psilocybin to psilocin as is the belief of the shroom community. This is mainly by word of mouth and it has not been scientifically proven yet. We could agree that the citric acid in lemon juice can help to digest the body of shrooms before it moves into the stomach. The stomach has its work cut out for it when it comes to digesting the shrooms. The resultant trip is felt much quicker and rather intensely.

Effects of Shrooms

The trip is the major consequence of shrooms that people are aware of. The summarize the full experience of the trip within the range of the 4-6 hours during which it persists. But, shrooms are much more comprehensive than that. It boasts of an afterglow effect also known as “the sparkle period”. This effect is not commonly experience by people who ingest shrooms. It is the extensive aftermath of the shroom trip. It can extend from just a few hours to more than a week. During this period, the user continues to feel the thrilling effects/benefits of the shroom trip.

It may appear as a result of immense sensitivity to the world’s hidden wonders. It also has spiritual implication for some cultures. Furthermore, It can turn out to be like psychosis or mania in more intense conditions. Adequate care must be take in this period. While it may lack the raw intensity of the trip, it is a time that can be enjoy.

It is the reason why you need to make adequate time and refrain from leaping right back into your daily activities after tripping. The profound experience must be enjoy and reflect upon. You can take the time to seek answers to rather tough questions plaguing your mind and grasp everything that you can. This is the period that microdose users often aim to get into. Their goal is not a full-on trip but the comedown benefits of the trip. If you will not be able to cope with the lengthy period required for the full trip, it is best for you to microdose. Microdosing offers a lower-key medium of enjoying the shroom integration practice. You can also go about your daily activities afterwards.

What period do shrooms last in the body? (Drug Test scenario)

The maximum period for which shrooms persist in the body is just about 24 hours. However, it might be different for others based on the dose, age, body weight, and how the body processes psychoactive substances.

The most common drug test (the 5-panel test) is incapable of detecting shrooms. It is adapt to discover cocaine. THC, amphetamines, PCP, and opioids. They are usually not the focus of drug tests. However, there are more specialized tests that might be capable of detecting shrooms. The window of detection differs for each test. Urine base tests are consider the bane compare to blood and saliva tests which do not hold shrooms for long due to the body’s rate of shroom metabolism.

Shrooms may persist in urine for close to a week post-ingestion. Hair follicle tests can also detect shrooms for as long as 90 days after ingestion. Urine tests are uncommon but follicle tests are rather expensive. If you take shrooms and have a drug test, ensure that you give your body enough time to get rid of the presence of psilocybin. Don’t risk it especially if it is a work-related thing.

Can anything be done to get shrooms out of the body system faster?

It is virtually impractical to think that any drug can be flush out to prevent them from being detect in a drug test.

We are not saying that there might exist products that can help people pass drug tests. But the job is not thorough done in that they do not flush out the drug, rather they prevent the drug from making it way into your urine. However, they can only hold it for a specific period.

This implies that nothing gets shrooms out of the body system quicker than the natural way. If you ever lay your hands on a product that can help you beat a drug test, take time to consider the limits of the drug to ensure it doesn’t exert a deleterious effect on the body’s natural processes. These products tend to use a different compound to dilute your urine thus making the drug undetectable.

Beating drug tests get harder and harder every single day and you should do a thorough research of the product that will work efficiently.


Do not forget to give adequate time for you to enjoy your shroom trip. Ingesting a standard dose of shrooms will yield a trip that will last a few hours but the aftereffects may persist for weeks. Get yourself into a cool environment to further reflect and enjoy the shroom experience. Prepare well with adequate preparation and your shroom experience will change your life. The trip will not last forever but endure that you enjoy the shroom experience daily.

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