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Blue oysters mushroom

The blue oyster mushroom, scientifically known as Pleurotus ostreatus var. Columbinus, is a meaty mushroom that is widely consumed around the world.

The common use for blue oyster mushrooms is for eating, though some folks do ingest them for psychedelic effects.

Technically speaking, blue oysters are a subspecies of pearl oyster mushrooms. The most significant difference is in the bluish caps and gray-colored gills of the mushroom.

Originally, these interesting blue mushrooms came from Western Europe, where there are plenty of cool temperatures for them to thrive. Today, they are found all around the world.

The most common places to find blue oyster mushrooms are on dead trees and rotting logs in forests and mountains with high humidity, such as sub-tropical locations.

This species grows mainly during the spring and autumn when temperatures are naturally between 55°F and 65°F.

That said, these mushrooms may fruit in temperatures as high as 80°F to 90°F.

Blue oysters prefer a humidity of approximately 50% to 70%.


The blue oyster mushroom is almost identical to the pearl oyster, as well as pink, white, and golden-colored oysters.

The only difference is that its color is not quite as bright as others.

The cap is typically the darkest hue of blue or gray. The stem is normally lighter shade of gray or blue.

Underneath the cap, the blue oyster has a series of solid gills that run from the stem to the cap. The gills of this mushroom slightly resemble a sponge of sorts.

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