Neuro Mood Microdose


Neuro Mood Microdose

Microdose mushrooms capsules

Microdose Mushrooms capsules presents Neuron Blend is a Psilocybin based supplement that provides users all of the benefits of Psilocybin, without experiencing the overwhelming psychedelic effects.

Neuron Blend is comprised of 80 milligrams of Psilocybi and a combination blend of Lion’s Mane Mushroom

, Chana Mushroom, Rishis Mushroom and Niacin amide. This Mushroom stack will give users a sense of clarity, creativity, focus and mood elevation.

Users will also experience a reduction in anxiety and depression, along with helping reduce the effects of numerous other unwanted mental states.

Neuro Blend works by imitating serotonin by stimulating the 5-HT2A receptor located in the frontal cortex. Stimulation of the 5-HT2A receptor causes two significant things to happen in the brain.

One, it leads to the production of BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotropic Factor) which stimulates growth, connections and activity

in different parts of the brain. Two, it increases the transmission of Glutamate

, which is the neurotransmitter responsible for brain functions such as cognition, learning and memory.

Microdose Mushrooms capsules Neuro Mood contains 250 mg of Psilocybin (a Psilocybin base mushroom), 125 mg of Ginseng (a plant root that has use for centuries in traditional medicine), and 125 mg of Guarani (an effective stimulant often use as a dietary supplement).


Micro dosing is know to help those with depression and anxiety and Neuron Mood is a slightly higher than normal micro dose, it’s effects can be euphoric and often more noticeable.


Psilocybin is used in the Neuron Mood stack as it heightens your visual, auditory, olfactory and proprioception sensations to the point where you are immerse
in the current moment and have a tremendous feeling of euphoria.

Ginseng is add to the stick due to its ability to increase energy levels and improve your memory and mood.

Lastly, the Guarani plant is added to the stick as it is a natural stimulant with numerous benefits

. Guarani is rich in antioxidants, reduces fatigue, improves focus and memory among other benefits.

Combine together, these three supplements have made Neuron Mood a favorite among users.


Neuron Mood is based off the popular “Scooby Snack Mushroom Capsule” which generally combines a high micro dose of a

psilocybin based mushroom with energetic herbal supplements.

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